This list contains the list of goals we are focused on and would like to release within the next year.
All work on this project is voluntary and we rely on developers to come forward and offer their services.

Jan 2020 - Jan 2021

Dicoin 3rd party wallet integrations

4% Complete

Dicoin Light Weight SPV Wallet

5% Complete

Dicoin Ledger Nano Integration

10% Complete

Dicoin Binance Integration

16% Complete

Payments with Visa

58% Complete

Dicoin Wallet

86% Complete

Cryptostar's Achievements in 2018 - 2019:

  • Started Impactful Marketing For Increasing Crypto Star Awareness.
  • Fork Phase 1 Completed (Staking changes & Blockchain improvements)
  • Crypto Star Foundation established in The Netherlands.
  • Fork Phase 2 development completed.
  • Completed Server Side API coding For Dicoin Pay
  • Crypto Star Website v2 released.
  • Successful Donation to RailGirls Summer Code Campaign.
  • Donation to Japan Victims.
  • Donation to Houston Area Women's Centre against Domestic violence
  • Donation to Tourdecrypto
  • Partnered with Agile Legal Consulting as our Legal Partners
  • Cryptostar's Achievements in 2020:

  • Release of iOS mobile wallet
  • Release of iOS mobile APP
  • Release of Android mobile wallet
  • Release of Android mobile APP
  • Release of Crypto Star Website v3
  • Release of Crypto Star Multicurrency mining